What We Do!

Beaver’s is all about having fun, finding new friends and learning new skills. During our meetings, we will be working towards a series of Activity Badges, Challenges on different subjects and hopefully the Chief Scout’s Bronze. 

As well as working on Challenges and Awards we will play games and learn new skills. We also occasionally go on day trips and also visit exciting new places. We have a sleepover in the Scout Headquarters each year, which is great fun.  There are a number of Activity badges that can be completed at home with a little bit of help or guidance from your parents. 

If you would like further information about the badges that you can work towards, please click on the badges link on the left.


Please bring along a drink with you. This can be water or squash. These must be in a sports style bottle labelled with your name. You will be given opportunities during the meeting to take regular drinks.

Joining In!

After a few weeks of enjoying being a Beaver you will be invested. This is a ceremony when you will be asked to repeat the Beaver Promise. 
When you are invested you will be given your scarf and will join a lodge. For the first few weeks when you join you will be given a ‘Buddy’ who will help to look after you at Beavers and show where things are. You will also be part of a small group called a lodge.

The Leaders!

The adults who run the Beaver Colony are unpaid volunteers who have completed Scouting training. If your parent would like to help out please speak to one of the Leaders or visit the contact us page, as we would be delighted! 

The Cost!

The cost of the subs is £12.50 per month which is payable by direct debit. 
The subs are used for Capitation and Insurance for each child, upkeep of the hut and materials used each week. There maybe trips or occasions where there will be an added cost which we shall inform you about prior to the event. 
Please note that if your child does not attend a meeting for any reason, the subs will still have to be paid for the week of absence.