What We Do!

Join in the worldwide movement of Scouts and enjoy some exciting new experiences and places.  
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Meet and socialise with friends and challenge yourself to try activities outside your comfort zone.


A wide range of activities from hiking, fire-lighting and camping to creating podcast, working in the community. Every Friday night a range of different activities all working towards the highest award for scouts to achieve, the Chief Scout Gold Award.

Mobile Phones!

We are very aware that Scouts are independent and we also understand the concerns of safety off any scout making their own way to and from the meetings, however we do not encourage the bringing of mobile phones to the meetings for social use, we also can not be held responsible for any damage or loss while on the premises or out and about.

Joining In!

The troop is split into patrols, Cobras, Stags, Bulls, Bulldogs, with patrols challenges and competitions it allows teamwork and problem solving, the Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol leaders are also responsible for passing on the fundamental scouting skills. If you wish to find out more please visit the contact us page. 

A range of events held throughout the year at County, District and Troop level. Visit interesting places and meet interesting people, take part in absailing, rock-climbing, caving or making crafts. (Some activities will carry an extra charge.)

The Leaders!

The adults who run the Scout Troop are unpaid volunteers who have completed Scouting training. If your parent would like to help out please speak to one of the Leaders or visit the contact us page, as we would be delighted!

The Cost!

The cost of the subs is £12.50 per month which is payable by direct debit. 
The subs are used for Capitation and Insurance for each child, upkeep of the hut and materials used each week. There maybe trips or occasions where there will be an added cost which we shall inform you about prior to the event. 
Please note that if your child does not attend a meeting for any reason, the subs will still have to be paid for the week of absence.